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Here are the scholarship requirements.
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Applicants must be enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college or university

Applicants must currently hold a minimum a weighted GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Applicants must be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States.

Applicants must complete and submit a Scholarship Application by Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

Applications are due February 1, 2017.

Applicants are notified by phone and email if awarded a scholarship by February 15, 2017.

What Is The Soh Awesome Scholarship?

This scholarship is all about helping people.
We are about taking students to the next level.

Secrets of the Hire (SOH) is a professional organization that focuses on professional and career development through Job Interview Tips, Resume Workshops, Professional Career Advice, LinkedIN Tips, and Scholarships for College Students and Recent Graduates.

To date, SOH (Secrets of the Hire) has assisted 1100+ college graduates find a career they love. After its initial success, SOH decided take assisting college students to an entire new level, and that is what the SOH Scholarship Foundation is about. Why stop at assisting the college graduate with obtaining a career? Why not assist the college student in funding their education so they can be assured that they will be able to obtain a degree and find a career they love?

Why the SOH Scholarship?

The SOH Scholarship was formed to ensure that no college student would be left behind due to inability to meet the financial obligations of a college/university.  Although we cannot fund every single college attendee, we are going to try our hardest in order reach that goal, and when I say “we,” yes I am including you.

With more college students having the funds to continue their matriculation, we can assure that every college student has a fair shot at obtaining and furthering their education while also assisting in relieving the $8 billion in default student loans.

This is why the SOH Scholarship fund was created. Now that we have our “Why,” it’s time to move on to the “How,” and that starts with you.  I wise man once said:

“When your ‘WHY’ is big enough, you will find your ‘HOW.’”

If assisting hundreds of thousands of college students fund their education is not a big enough ‘why’, then I don’t know what is.



Dayvon Goddard
Founder of SOH

Dayvon Goddard is a graduate of Voorhees College with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting. During his college matriculation and beyond, Mr. Goddard has worked closely alongside hiring managers and staffing agencies in order to get a better understanding of what employers want from recent college graduates. He then decided that he learned valuable information from these searches and he wanted to share it with the rest of the college students and recent graduates all around the world.
Mr. Goddard said: “I realized that most recent graduates get their degree and end up working in a job that’s either not in their major or that doesn’t require a degree, one of the primary reasons for this is because of the economy, we are not qualified for most positions that are available and the ones that we are qualified for, we drop the ball during the interview or we lose the job to another candidate.
Secrets of the Hire is about assisting my fellow recent graduates in performing extremely well at their interviews, even when they are competing with someone who may be more qualified.
After having a countless number interviews, Mr. Goddard has finally found his dream job working as a Logistics Specialist for the Department of Defense, Mr. Goddard says: It was truly a blessing when I received this job offer, and it was all because of having been on plenty of job interviews and finding out the key to what employers want, hence the name “Secrets of the Hire”. I now know what employers are looking for in entry level candidates and I just want to share my knowledge with the struggling college students and recent graduates out there.



It all started in the Spring of 2008. I was a freshman in college (2nd semester), and like most students seeking to pursue higher learning, I took out student loans to fund my education.  It was finals week; I was beyond excited to finally finish my first year as a college student, but I was more excited about what the next year had in store for me.

I can remember it like it was yesterday, I was on the way back to my dorm (probably to sleep) because I had just finished my FINAL exam for the semester.  As I approached the dorm, I felt a vibration in my pocket (my phone was ringing).  I pulled the phone out and saw an unknown number.  I answered the phone, only to find out that it was the Financial Aid department at my school. They asked that I come in immediately to discuss my “account.”

Judging from my previous encounters with Financial Aid, I thought it was a routine account check, you know, make sure I am aware of the loans I took out, what scholarships or grants I had, etc.  Well, I thought wrong! As I sat down in front of the Financial Counselor, she told me that I did not have enough funds to attend college the following year and I would have to PAY OUT OF MY POCKET!  You’ve got to be kiddin me, at that moment I probably had more visible accumulations of textile fibers in my pocket.  In other words, LINT!  To make matters worse, the amount I had to pay out of my pocket… Let’s just say, it WAS NOT happening.

I left the Financial Aid department heartbroken! I mean, I’m sitting here trying to better myself and society by furthering my education and you mean to tell me I cannot come back because I don’t have enough money?  Anyway, I walked back to my dorm (where I was originally heading before the news). Once I got to my room, I laid down in my bed, and went straight to sleep.

At this point, the worse is going through my mind: What am I going to do? I’m going to be living on the street. I will never have the opportunity to be “somebody.” The entire day and night went by and I am STILL in my bed, thinking. I actually stayed this way until the next morning. I mean, who needs a shower? I was going to be homeless anyway, might as well get used to it, right?

The next morning arrives and I don’t feel any better. It was probably around 11:30 A.M, so I decided to get up and head to the cafeteria for lunch.  As I’m walking, the vibration of the pockets are at it again (I have another phone call).  I was actually hoping it was Financial Aid; maybe they found an alternative for me!  I look at my phone and it is the Student Support Services Office.  I loved this office; I actually developed a great relationship with them. You know, I would make quick stops between classes, just to say hello.  I also stopped by for a few mentoring sessions.

While I made my way to the office, I figured they just wanted to say their final goodbyes, talk to me about the academic year, etc.  I walk in the office and the first thing they say to me is “I heard about your situation.”  As we discussed my situation, one of the ladies who worked in there said, “I think something can be done.”  Long story short, they were able to find funds within the Student Support Services Program in order to cover my expenses. Talk about relief!  Because of that, I was able to graduate 3rd in my class, 1st in my major and eventually moved on to working as a Logistics Specialist (Civilian Sector) for the Department of Defense, supporting the soldiers.

 Happy Ending, Right?…. WRONG

Although things worked out for me, it did not work out for over 25% of college attendees who could not afford to come back that next year like I did.  They weren’t fortunate enough to have a great organization assist them with covering their funds, society told them that they could not further their education and become an asset to their community because they were not financially fit to continue. How unfair is this?

So, as a community, as a people, what can WE do in order to ensure that the 25% of college students that couldn’t afford another year, have the funds to continue their matriculation?  Well, let’s give them a scholarship!


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